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How to Easily Booting Windows 8 in Safe Mode?

When using previous Microsoft Windows version before Windows 8, there are some option to go while our Windows can not boot properly. At that version, we can press F8 to see some option for booting. But now when using Microsoft Windows 8, it will give other method to go to Safe Mode booting option.

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Easy Way to Backup with mysqldump and Compression Together
Post by: admin

MySQL database is one of the most popular used for either profit or nonprofit purposes, this occurs because the MySQL database server is open source and free for use by anyone. MySQL is also very popular by the internet user and the many servers hosting for the website.

In this article we will discuss how to perform backups of the database size from an internet server. The example : I would use is to perform backups, including the compression process with gzip in the Linux computer.


  • MySQL Database Server:
  • MySQL user: theuser
  • MySQL Password: thepassword
  • MySQL Database Name: thedata

Command at Linux Shell (I use Putty with SSH Protocol) :

mysqldump -u theuser -p -h - databases thedata | gzipped> mybackup.gz


  • U = username
  • P = password
  • H = hostname

Hopefully this article useful for all.

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