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How to Easily Booting Windows 8 in Safe Mode?

When using previous Microsoft Windows version before Windows 8, there are some option to go while our Windows can not boot properly. At that version, we can press F8 to see some option for booting. But now when using Microsoft Windows 8, it will give other method to go to Safe Mode booting option.

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When Windows 7 Beat Windows Vista In All Side
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Microsoft Windows 7 is going to released in mid-October 2009, from some circulating information, Microsoft Windows 7 is one of the best operating system that ever released by Microsoft. This is said by Microsoft to cover the disappointment of the previous product from Microsoft Windows Vista. Earlier when the Microsoft Windows Vista sold, Microsoft also said that this is a better product than Windows XP, but in reality many users use Windows XP again because not satisfied with the performance of Windows Vista.

One of the problems during the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista is a problem which needs high computer specification, and the slow performance of Windows Vista which make down the productivity result, this problem to be fixed by Microsoft with releasing Windows 7. Microsoft has provided a free download version of Windows 7 Ultimate RC (Release Candidate) until the end of September 2009, but this version can only be used until March 2010, after that, the user still can use but it will restart by itself every 2 hours.

From several trials conducted, it appears that Microsoft's Windows 7 has the advantage in some things, such as booting speed, open file, security, user interface and others. Also one of the interesting information is, Microsoft Windows 7 does not require high computer resources, this is different from the Windows Vista resource intensive. However, because of the development of processor technology and the price goes down, it seems many users of Microsoft Windows 7 will be installing on the latest computer specifications.

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