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How to Easily Booting Windows 8 in Safe Mode?

When using previous Microsoft Windows version before Windows 8, there are some option to go while our Windows can not boot properly. At that version, we can press F8 to see some option for booting. But now when using Microsoft Windows 8, it will give other method to go to Safe Mode booting option.

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What is the most expensive iPhone price?
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What is the most expensive iPhone price?

Almost all people need communication tools that can connect them though different places. One communication tool which is widely used is the telephone. Previously available only phone home, further development of current technology can make cell phones whose numbers have far exceeded the fixed telephone at home.

Various types of telephone has been out since the beginning of mobile phones were introduced. Starting from the large form, to a very tiny form, so it will convenient to store inside clothes. With the growing data and Internet connections, making mobile phones become more developed with more capabilities than just for the phone. Earlier we know Personal Data Assistance (PDA), a kind of computer that made small and portable as a phone, and then was born PDA phone, until the iPhone.

The iPhone is a smart phone with computer capabilities produced by Apple. Currently the iPhone has been sold throughout the world with the type and price range. However, if we want to know what is the most expensive price of iPhone today? The price of the most expensive iPhone offer worth U $ 3.2 million. The iPhone has become so expensive because it is packed with layers of 22 carat gold weighing 271 grams. In addition the iPhone is also equipped with a pure jewel 6 carat diamond. Until the logo and navigation buttons are also equipped with a diamond. iPhone storage box is made of granite Kashmir gold lining and genuine leather. Weighing up to 7 kg. This type of iPhone is only available in limited and must be booked before you buy.

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